You know what love is?

Film. What love got to do with this?

So Wednesday, April 1st !GP! will be filming again for the last time until we send out our sponsorship requests. Honestly, but from what we’ve been told, there shouldn’t be a sponsor or production company that wouldn’t fuck with us for what we’ve produced. Bigger steps lead to bigger dreams, and ive been dying to win a film festival with an actual 40 min. – 1 hour length video. Its gunna be ill. =] Also for the filming wednesday hit me round snack time if your in the bowie area if you want to be apart. Just don’t expect to read any scripts. loll

“Through the pencil it leak, through the sheet on the tablet of my mind kuz i don’t write shit kuz i don’t got time”

Oh and you can laugh below. lol


Daniel Johnston – Monster Inside Of Me

Directed by Eric Fensler

Gentle Giants – Funny Ways

Directed by Christopher Nupen in 16mm

Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers

Sorry for so much flylo. But honestly, what can i say?


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