New Art, Dinner, and a Movie

Sample Art – Bumpworthy EP. Vol. 1  Artist – Solomon Morrison  <bump> Black&Monty


What’s for Dinner: Food For Thought? Maybe not food, more like Film For Thought? Either way your only getting what I give. So for the filmmakers, musicians, artists, or any-fucking-body who checks out this blog or just come through to pick up random knowledge we can offer, I have two things that may be helpful to you or maybe not. lol 

1st plate– This summer, we are warning you, be super prepared for a lot of re-makes of remakes. I mean lack of originality in our film world today. From superhero movies to spacey Star Trek  themes to the classic “from paperback to big screen” films like Where The Wild Things Are.

Just expect a lot of that good old buy and resell name game. lol

2nd plate: If you are really big on indie films or news about the new hottest films that premiere at film festivals, this duo can help you a lot. Just follow their blog, We do. *like that makes a difference lolll* Dessert:

So now your full of that good good, sit back, dissapear in that cloud of smoke, and just thank Hayao Miyazaki for everything he is about to do for you.

***Click Picture For Movie*** 

PORCO ROSSO – Directed by Hayao Miyazaki ////realeased in 1992.




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