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Its a retarded abstract vid and its half of 666. No pun intended.Grean_Thumb Editing. No soul purpose, follow the story, it progresses and foreshadows without purpose. 6 videos exact to 333 seconds, with each video being 10 seconds longer than the previous, beginning with a 10 second “clip”, weirdly equalling 333 seconds// = //Unmotivated abstract art creates unanswered questions. Not because an answer is not available, because an answer is irrelevant. Clink picture to warp.


prototype: Black&Monty

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random fucking around, not full animations but will be. just wanted to see what it would look like in a simple abstract pov. Solomon drew everything, Lewis edited. =]

oh btw vimeo definitely freaked this video up, so don’t worry bout the simple off cues, if you can even catch em lol



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brand new project! sent this, as well as a bunch of other stuff {short films/abstracts/shit you’ll never see lol}, out to some companies, sponsors etc, and we still have much more to go. there are still some more things you should expect to see dropped soon, but not yet. this is the one project we created, and were still willing to show online and not care too much about. we just like to keep most things secret in our good ol’ !GP! vault, because its like once the answers are out there, they are gone.

so hopefully you enjoy this, some videos you may have seen are in here, and most you haven’t, so enjoy and do whatever you like with what you gained. i hope you enjoy with much pleasure in your groin areas. 

***click here or picture for linked video feed***






silence please (re_edit)

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click link to watch reedited version of the short film *silence please*.

remeber it starts off as a silent film, so yes your speakers are working and there is sound. =]


(this isn’t the final cover art)

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new tight ass project almost completed. not actual cover art, just something slight for you to look at. 

BUMP: “In broadcasting, a commercial bumperident bumper or break bumper (often shortened to bump) is a brief announcement, usually two to 15 seconds, placed between a pause in the program and its commercial break (and also the other way around). Bumpers can vary from simple text to short films.”















7+  bumps will be released in volume 1 of 3 EP’s and will be fully viewable and downloadable online. Various cover arts will be available in a viewing gallery as well.

Fine Arts Festival April 13-17

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Yea so teh 13th and 16th is definately when you should come, because we have many surprises and goodies. 


If you cant tell that **points above** is a giant G. We made it ourselves. 


Abstract Video + A Trailer

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Two brand new videos from !GP! An abstract piece entitled RAMBHORN & another trailer for our upcoming film “I’ll Live Forever“. Hopefully the Rambhorn one will drop at an upcoming fine arts festival. Enjoy & be sure to leave feedback. Much Appreciated.

RAMBHORN – Attacks From Mars

An abstract piece starring Solomon Morrison. 

Directed, Edited by Lewis Scott Davis II

I’ll Live Forever Trailer: Jebediah 

Reporters: Solomon Morisson & Joshlyn Eggleston

Jebediah: Taylor Tidwell

Directed, Edited: Lewis Davis II